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Tournament Info & Rules

Ages and Divisions

Divisions are determined by age and not grade. Grades are shown below for general reference. Registration is $35 per wrestler.

DIVISION 1: Bantam Division

Wrestlers born on or after September 1, 2008 (Grades K-2)

Weight Classes 42 45 48 50 52 54 56 59 62 66 70 76 82 (We will add a heavier class if numbers dictate)

DIVISION 2: Elementary Division:

Wrestlers born on or after September 1, 2006, but not later than August 30, 2008. (Grades 3-4)

Weight Classes: 52 55 58 60 62 64 66 69 72 75 79 83 88 93 99 105 (We will add a heavier class if numbers dictate)

DIVISION 3: Schoolboy Division:

(Grades 5-6) Wrestlers born on or after September 1, 2004, but not later than August 30, 2006.

Weight Classes: 60 64 68 72 76 80 85 90 95 100 106 112 118 124 130 138 (We will add a heavier class if numbers dictate)

DIVISION 4: Middle School Division:

(Grades 7-8) Wrestlers born on or after September 1, 2001, but not later than August 30, 2004 AND IN 8TH GRADE OR LOWER.

72 77 82 88 93 99 105 110 115 120 125 131 137 144 152 160 170 180 195 (We will add a heavier class if numbers dicate - likely in this division)

Weight Classes *We will add a heavier class if numbers dictate.

Rules and Scoring

Match Rules

Slightly Modified National Federation High School Wrestling Rules will govern the match rules, scoring criteria and overtime in all Divisions.

NEW Limited college out-of-bounds rule. In referee's discretion, where allowing the same does not interfere with abutting match, college out of bounds rules will apply on 3 sides of the wrestling surface.

Period Length

Bantam and Elementary Divisions: 1-1-1 for all matches

School Boy and Middle School Divisions: 1-1.5-1.5 for championship matches; 1.5-1-1 for consolation matches

Failure to Report for a Match

A wrestler who fails to report to a mat at the beginning of a match will be defaulted. All wrestlers are to report to the arena floor when their match is shown on the on deck screen (4 in the hole). All wrestlers on deck and on double deck must report to the on deck chute for their scheduled mat.

Bracket Errors

At the conclusion of each match, the winning wrestler must check in with the scoring table to confirm the proper wrestler is scored as the winner. Brackets will be posted at the conclusion of each round. In the event of errors in the brackets (wrong wrestler scored as winner), the winning wrestler must notify the head table prior to the beginning of the next round (prior to any of the wrong wrestlers wrestling), otherwise, the error "may not" be reversed.

Team Scoring

***NOTE: Team Scoring is subject to change. Depending on the flexibility that we have with updates to the new softward, we may adjust team scoring by limiting the number of scorers per club to a certain number of their top scorers.***


Wrestlers must wrestle for a club or team that they actually practice with. This is not intended to be similar to dual events where people get together to make a team or where teams stack up to be competitive.

Scoring for place winners as well as advancement and bonus points.


1) UPDATED RULE: No team points for brackets with 4 or less wrestlers.

2) If less than 5 wrestlers in an Elementary, Schoolboy or Middle School bracket, no team points are scored.

Teams limited to number of scorers per division. May only have as many scorers iin a division as there are weight classes in that division. Must desinate non-scoring wrestlers (only applies to very large teams with more wrestlers in a division than the number of weight classes in that division). Although this is a little bit of a pain for some teams, this will allow us to track and post live team results and make following the team champ race a little more exciting.

Tournament Format

We have set the weight classes so that, based on previous year weigh-ins, the Bantam division will have smaller brackets averaging 8-10, with some larger and some smaller, but with the other three divisions having larger brackets - giving the opportunity for more matches and competitive finals matches.

We reserve the right to combine weight classes and make adjustments where absolutely necessary. Our goal is to dp our best to provide as many wrestling opportunities as possible. Don't worry, we won't suddenly make, say, the 98 pound weight class 97. But we may have to adjust a 60 to 62 if doing so changes a weight class from 4 kids to 7.


Awards to top four place winners in each bracket, with the *Champ to receive a pair of custom Battleskinz Champion Fight Shorts!

There will be an all-around team championship award. We may still give out trophies to Division winners, but one team will be declared the 6th Annual Big Red Northeast Wrestling Champions! The all-around champ will get a pretty cool trophy.

**THERE ARE NO TIES FOR FIRST PLACE IN TEAM STANDINGS. If we cannot find reasonable criteria (in tournament director's discretion), there will be no division champ, but the trophy will be given to one of the tying teams based on flip of the coin.

Special Tournament Rules and Information

1) Two Coaches per corner.

2) Nobody is allowed in the mat area of the arena unless sent by tournament official to a match.

3) Chutes. Wrestlers who are three in the hole are to report to their designated chute. There is a chute for each of the 16 mats. Wrestlers and their coaches will be sent from the chute to their mat once he match ahead of them is in the 3rd period.

4) Immediately following a match, the winning wrestler must check in at the head table to confirm the proper winner is entered, then immediately exit the arena floor.

5) DRESS CODE FOR COACHES. IMPORTANT - ALL COACHES MUST READ. Only coaches with a designated band allowed on the arena floor. Coaches will only receive a coaching band if wearing appropriate team attire (coaching or team logo shirt).

Also, if you are wearing ripped jeans or the equivalent or work boots, or if you look like you just finished rebuilding an engine, we will ask you to stay off the arena floor.

NEW THIS YEAR - COACHES' LANYARDS: Each team will be given a limited number of lanyards. Not all coaches will receive a lanyard. Lanyards are to make it easier for coaches coaching multiple wrestlers. Lanyards can be swapped between coaches as necessary. Certain areas on the floor will require a lanyard. Coaches with lanyards will be able to enter the arena floor from both sides and will be able to sit/stand on a section of the arena floor.

How many lanyards will our team receive? We will choose the higher of the number of wrestlers your team has in the morning and afternoon sessions, then divide that number by 4.

Fee Charged for Weight Class Changes

You must weigh-in at the weight class you register at. You may change the weight class for free at anytime before 5PM on the Thursday, January 12, 2017.. There will be a $10 fee to change your weight class after that. You must pay the fee at the scale or you will not be entered in the tournament. There are absolutely no refunds for wrestlers who fail to weigh in or who fail to weigh in at the weight class for which they are registered. We regret having to charge this fee, but realize that it is necessary to avoid wrestlers being registered incorrectly. By registering for the correct weight, this will allow us to have the brackets mostly complete before weigh-ins. We strictly enforce this rule - our hope is that we do not have to collect many or any of these fees!

Combining or Adjusting Weight Classes

Althouth we do not anticipate much of this happening, wrestlers may be moved to a different weight bracket in the case of weight class adjustments or combining of brackets. There are no refunds if your bracket is adjusted or your wrestler is moved.

***We will not juggle weight classes around just because they are unbalanced. We will only do so to make sure that there is not a weight class with too few kids. There will be some weight classes (particularly in middle weights) with some big brackets. Hey, this is the Big Red baby!

Wrestling in Multiple Divisions

Wrestlers may wrestler in multiple age divisions, but not in multiple weight classes within the same division. If you would like your wrestler to wrestle in multiple age divisions, you must pay and register him/her twice. On the second division, change his/her date of birth as necessary to bump to that age division. BE WARNED: WE WILL NOT HOLD MATCHES FOR WRESTLERS WRESTLING IN TWO DIVISIONS.

Cancellation or Postponement of Tournament

In the event that the tournament is cancelled due to weather, war, strike, riot, hurricane, flooding, earthquake or for matters beyond the reasonable control of the tournament host; we will either postpone the tournament to a different date or we will provide for partial refunds of tournament registration fees. Refunds will be made proportionately based on the availability of registration fees on hand, after deducting from such fees expenses incurred related to the tournament, including but not limited to facility rental deposits forfeited, trophy's and medals, truck and equipment rentals, vendor expenses and the like. In the event of a postponement of the tournament for one of the foregoing reasons, there will be no refunds.