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About the Big Red

The Big Red Northeast Wrestling Championships is a spectacular youth wrestling tournament run by the Tyngsborough Youth Wrestling program, through Wrestlers Incorporated, a non-profit charitable 501(c)(3) public charity. All coaches, parents and table workers are 100% unpaid volunteers. For a number of years, we ran the “Big Red Tournament” at Tyngsborough High School.

Out of a desire to provide a break from the hot crammed gymnasiums, we set out to create an event like no other in youth wrestling. After working with the University of Massachusetts Lowell and its facility managers at Global Spectrum, to whom we are truly appreciative, we locked our sights on the 6,500 seat state of the art Tsongas Center at the University of Massachusetts Lowell and started a new tournament with a similar name, the Big Red Northeast Wrestling Championships. With the support of the youth wrestling world in the Northeast, we expect to bring this event back to the Tsongas year after year.

Don’t miss the show December 29th!

Featured Videos

Big Red 2011 Video PART 2

This is the video of the afternoon from the first Big Red at the Tsongas Center in 2011. This is good...but just wait for 2013!

Big Red 2011 PART ONE

Morning flight from 2011...